Conviction of policemen a soothing balm, but struggle for justice for all continues

Today’s triumph is a comfort to the family of Luis and Gabriel Lois and a sigh of relief for us, the private prosecutors, our clients and friends in Rise Up for Life and for Rights, and others who supported this quest for justice. However, in terms of scale, today’s legal victory is just a footnote in a bloody chapter that has yet to end as bodies continue to pile up until today.

Judicial Independence in the Philippines

The blindfolded Lady Justice, which symbolizes our justice system, aptly describes our predicament and the inadequacy of the legal and judicial system in our country. Because of her blindfold, Lady Justice is unable to see the exploitation, repression, and injustices around her.

International Fair Trial Day 2024 Opening Remarks

On this Fair Trial Day, we warmly welcome and embrace you in solidarity and hope that you come back not for the reasons you are here now and not under circumstances of lawyering dangerously. We look forward to that day when things would become better even before they get worse.

International Fair Trial Day Manila Conference

In commemoration of the annual International Fair Trial Day, we are inviting the public to the 2024 Manila Conference of the IFTD and the Ebru Timtik Awarding Ceremony on 14 June 2024, Friday, 10am to 5:30pm at the Malcolm Theater, Malcolm Hall, UP College of Law....