TRAMPLED RIGHTS TRUMPED UP CHARGES: Case Notes on Lawsuits Lodged Against Activists

This book presents several recent cases handled by the NUPL and seeks to give a glimpse of how the legal system is being used to crush dissent in the form of trumped up charges filed against church leaders and community organizers predicated simply on their work as activists. This compilation of case notes could prove helpful to human rights lawyers, budding and veteran alike, as it reveals both the common and exceptional cases lodged by state security forces against activists as well as the strategies and techniques employed by NUPL’s lawyers to navigate through them.

It also hopes to spur some introspection on the part of lawyers who are bound to adhere to the law, but at the same time, recognize its frailties and limitations as they continue to be exposed not only to the plight of the downtrodden and marginalized, but also to their aspirations.

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