FIGHTING BACK: In and Out of the Courts

This book is a modest compilation of some of the stories of victories that the NUPL and its clients and human rights volunteers were able to obtain over the years and are the living testimonies of how the people can obtain justice through the effective use of “peoples’ lawyering” in an otherwise generally unjust legal and judicial milieu.

Since this book’s intention is to chronicle these victories where “peoples lawyering” was used to the fullest and was in fact instrumental in obtaining such victories, the cases included in this book were chosen based on the following criteria – 1) cases where perpetrators were identified and were filed in court; 2) cases where metalegal tactics including international lobbying were employed; and, 3) cases that helped the NUPL expand its membership and reach out to allies. The combination of these three criteria reflects the principle of “peoples’ lawyering,” in practice.

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